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[MAPC-coord] X's input on gm locale


[MAPC-coord] X's input on gm locale



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X et al,

at the first meeting, i recall a few (not many, but
very vocal) out of towners who were vehement that we our group "madison area" and not just "madison"
and also, that we hold meetings off campus. the second
preference was also, i believe, stated from in madison
but not on campus folk.

i agree that for students willy st seems far. but i
also might note that perhaps we have gotten less folk
from neighborhoods because we have only HAD meetings
on campus.
in light of this, i certainly don't want to isolate
the students out from the group, but i also think that
smaller, outreach meetings should be happening in
community centers. the arts folk and i are very
interested in this concept. i do feel that the
neighborhoods need attention too, but so far as coming
from out of town, what's the difference between campus
and willy st? not much. so i would suggest that we do
on campus still, but offer up GOOD parking solutions
and bus info in each announcement about the meeting,
to encourage folks from outside campus to come in. as
well, continue efforts to reach outside the university
to people on a day to day level, and advertise for the
meetings far into outlying communities. for the sake
of saving funds, staying central and reaching
students, campus is a good solution, but not the only
aspect, and should be supported by consistent
advertising out and about.

your transitional cc rep from arts,

--- X <X> wrote:
> X and all,
> If Wilmar is too far away from campus, then I really
> don't know what the point
> is of meeting off campus -- it's only on the 900
> block of Jenifer St., parallel
> to Williamson St. on Madison's near-eastside.  If
> there's a potential problem
> with that distance, then I think we should remain in
> the campus area and if we
> meet in the campus area, why don't we just continue
> to meet on campus?  I don't
> recall what the idea of meeting off-campus was,
> except that it was a good idea
> and we should get out in the community.  Does anyone
> remember any other
> reason(s)?
> In rethinking it, I don't see any reason why we
> shouldn't continue to meet on
> campus until we get other constituencies involved
> which would point to
> meaningful different meeting sites.  It would also
> solve the problem of spending
> that money and more in the future, plus not have to
> deal with a difficult
> situation of trying to organize student
> transportation, on a space for our
> meetings which will start to eat up our budget,
> which could be better spent on
> more important things.  I also remember X
> reporting that we were making
> less and less donations at the meetings.

X madison wi usa

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Friday, October 26, 2001 5:40 PM

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[MAPC-coord] X's input on gm locale


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