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Both of my brothers are firefighters in New York. My older brother was driving to the scene of the first fire, when he saw that the building was going to come down, and he had to turn the car around. My older brother went down the site soon after and burned his eyes from the air. My brothers are both working overtime since 9-11. There is a great deal of paperwork to be done for the many firefighters who lost their lives. Many gifts are pouring into the fire dept., but there is no clerical help. My younger brother is volunteering at the site on his days off. My family all live in NY, and I couldn't wait to get back there for Thanksgiving to give them all a big hug. New York has been through a lot. We should not have been sleeping all these 10 years since the Gulf War. I had no idea we were still bombing them. I had gone on a news fast. How far away everyone was once. Now I pay attention to the news every day and I write letters. If I have an opportunity to demonstrate, I will do that, too. I protested the Gulf War. We cannot bomb a country and then leave it for blowback. We need to be smart in these things and not say, 'It doesn't affect us.' It does.

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