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Histadrut - General Federation of Labour in Israel <P>Dear Andrew, <P>It is now a day after the terrible tragedy in New York, Washington, and Pittsburgh. We in Israel understand what the families and friends of the dead and injured victims must be going through at this most terrible and shocking time. <P>I would like on behalf of the Histadrut and myself personally to express my deepest and most heartfelt condolences to all those directly affected by this disgusting and outrageous act of insane and inhuman violence and we would like to sincerely offer you any moral or practical assistance that we are able <P>Our thoughts and feelings are with you at this most difficult moment <P>It has been said before and cannot be said enough times that terrorism is the enemy of the free world. Nothing, though prepared us for such a satanic deed. However, we have no doubt, and i speak for every one in Israel, that the American nation and way of life will rise to the occasion and eventually overcome and defeat this evil <P>Once again, our thoughts and hearts are with you all. <P>My very warm regards. <P>Yours most fraternally, <P>Martin Susman, Head of International Relations Department

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