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NMAH Story: Story

I was in Social Studies class when the first plane hit the first tower. I did not learn that this had happened until my next block. I was in chefs class when I learned about it and we spent the whole time watching the tv. We saw the second plane hit and I was in shock that even more was going to happen then just the first plane hitting. I wondered what would be next. I thought that a war was going to start with us not knowing who the culprit is. I was worried about all the major attractions and important areas. I knew that this was an act of terrorism. I even thought I had a few ideas about who started it. I thought it was Iraq or Iran because recently we haven't been getting along with them. As I saw the fireball burn through the exterior I feared the worst about our American life and how this was going to effect our country's future. I was frightened when I saw people jumping out of the windows because I thought about all those people just giving up on trying to get out safely and surrendering their life due to some terrorist.

NMAH Story: Life Changed

A few things have changed in my life. One thing that I noticed is my change of heart. I realize that I now care more for things then before September 11. I respect more people and their thoughts and feelings.

NMAH Story: Remembered

I think if there is anything to remember then I think it should be the amount of people who died. Those 3,000 people were just going in to do their regular job. They never asked for this to happen to themselves nor were they expecting anything to happen.

NMAH Story: Flag

I, myself, did not fly an American flag because I did not have one but the outpouring of kindness and patriotism was overwhelming. My feelings are that the flag is more of symbol now more then ever.


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