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LC Story: Story

In my office in Washington DC. Just came into work and the news of the first plane was on the TV. At first I refused to believe it all was on purpose. After we saw another plane hit and heard of another plane headed towards the Capitol...we all bolted for the door and headed to a coworkers home. People were running straight down the street in every long as it was away from the Capitol Building. On the way to the house, I heard what I thought was another plane hitting the Capitol...I ran back to see for myself and saw it was ok...but the thought of that happening was terrifying. Later I heard it was either a supersonic boom from a fighter overhead or a secondary explosion at the Pentagon. We all watched TV together at my coworkers house. No one's cell phones worked and the land lines were down. The hours watching the tragedy seemed to speed by.

LC Story: Memory

Eventually getting home and my phone beginning to work again. My voicemail box was full and I heard from people I hadn't heard from in years, all hoping I was ok. It was an intense feeling knowing so many people were so frightened for our well being.

LC Story: Affects

It has made us more aware of our place in the world community. We aren't as safe as we once believed and it is important that we recognize that and deal with it accordingly.


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