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LC Story: Story

I was in my Elizabeth, NJ first grade classroom. I received several calls over the intercom that "so and so" is going home but, to wait for security to come and get NOT allow them to come to the office on their own. It was very strange. This kept up. Finally, my neighbor opened the foor and told me what happened....but not to tell the kids. I remember feeling numb...trying to be normal but, dying inside. By noon, I had 2 students left and it hit me that my brother works three blocks from WTC. Cell phone not working. Mom called school at 2 to tell me he's fine.

LC Story: Memory

Going home, driving on Routes 1&9 north past Newark Airport (closed at the time) and being the only car on the road. This is normally a busy, crazy driving kind of road. It felt like a ghost town. Passing the airport, you could see the smoke from Manhattan in the background. I cried the whole ride home.

LC Story: Affects

Personally, I keep in touch much more with my family. I almost lost a brother that day. I hadn't spoken to him in weeks because we were both busy. I also feel particularly close with the students I had that year.

The country always seems to be on edge....especially NYC now. National Guard at the ferries, tunnels, etc.


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