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LC Story: Story

As a muslim, I felt embarrased for the people that follow ben Laden and Sadamm think they are the leaders of Islam.To the people that know better, knowing the U.S.( my country)did not that do that much for us to suffer the 9/11 attacks. Allah will punish Those such as be Laden, Sadam as well as the followers who know that is the devil's dirty work. The only explaination I can concieve is that in third world countries even though the Holy Quran is free the people do not have as well acess as we do in the States. I think Allah I was born in this country, I repersent, there is no other country for me. My heart will all ways be in Michigan, California and Arkansas. To the families that lost love
ones that was doing good from the heart, they are in a better place and looking down on you, so think of them and be happy for them. Thank you, Marlon

LC Story: Memory

I was at work and another employee that playes around alot told me about the tragdy. I cussed him out saying you don't say any thing of that nature. He brought me to the radio and I listen to the horror. Sadly to say he was telling the truth.

LC Story: Affects

The trust is going from people of that country that shows attude to Americans.


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