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LC Story: Story

I was in my office in a NH law school library when told by a student that a plane had crashed into one of the towers. Thinking it was an accident with small aircraft I did not immediately react. When I heard of the second plane I knew it was no accident.
As the towers fell I felt so unsafe. It brought back the frightening memories of the late 50's when in school we practiced "duck and cover" in the event of a nuclear attack. The sound of jets flying over made many of us kids run for cover in great fear.

LC Story: Memory

When I saw the towers fall I was filled with disbelief. How could this happen, why weren't we being protected? How could this be so easy to do? The dust rising as the giants fell,people with dusty tear stained faces,the news reports...later the pictures mounted everywhere of lost loved ones, I will never forget the sights and sounds.

LC Story: Affects

I feel unsafe. I am a target. My family is a target. I feel hated. I worry we will always live with the threat of terrorism, that my children and their childrens' children will also live with it. What becomes of a society that exists in fear? I worry about the loss of personal freedoms, and choices.

I fear what the fear will bring.


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