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On Sept.11,2001 I was at school in the 6th grade. Me and the rest of the class were listening to the teacher talk about the earth and everything else that had to do with Science. All of a sudden the principal walked in and whispered something to the teacher. After that we had found out that two planes had crashed into The Twin Towers. At first I didn't know how to react. But when my teacher had turned on the television in the classroom and I had seen the whole thing, I got into tears because there were people in the buildings, planes and especially people outside. And half the people that lived in New York had lost at least one family member that day. Ever since that day , to me America has changed. Everyone takes care of eacother even more, we have more respect, we have more security check, and ever since that day there hasn't been anything like that. So I would like to say thanks to all of the police and fireman for protecting us even more and for taking thrie time for helping out that day even though half of them HEROES don't know none of them people that died or got injured. Risking their lives just for us is the best thing ever. Them COWARDS thought that they could bring AMERICA down but they didn't. After what they did, AMERICA is STRONGER and CLOSER together. SO GOD BLESS AMERICA! ALWAYZ & FO'EVA!


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