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My name is Roxanna Evans and I always listen to the radio in the morning at my desk. This particular day we had a workshop and people were there registering in my office. We did our usual morning chats and I sat down at my computer to work and all of a sudden I heard on WPTF radio station that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center and I said to my co-worker, Kristy Osterhout that I had just heard that particular news, she said, "Oh my God and we were debating about it being an accident and my feelings were that no plane flies that low. Then another coworker Susan Kilpatrick came running out with her small tv. We all stood around the tv to see what was happening. Some of the workshop people came and mingled with us. Then we all watched in horror as the second plane crashed into the World Trade Center, we were crying and so many people were asking so many questions. Then of course, we saw the news about the Pentagon and then the United Flight in Pennsylvania. It was a very scarey day for all of us and we did not get much work done, we just could not concentrate. We all felt so bad for all of those innocent people. I retired in July this year and returned to my former place of employment to be with those on that day of one year ago. We had a nice memorial service outside of the building that day.

Roxanna Evans
Raleigh, North Carolina


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