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I was 9 months pregnant on September 11,2001. I had left my husband at home sick and had just dropped my 2 children at their schools. In the car alone I put the radio on and Decided to listen to Howard Stern. On my way to get coffee Howard said he had a report that a plane crashed into the trade center. I thought it was bull so I changed to the local news station. They didn't say anything so I changed back and went to get my coffee. When I got back in the car Howard said it again. This time when I changed back to the local news they were now covering it. No one was sure exactly what had happened yet. I remember thinking "How could a plane be so off course". I went home and ran upstairs to my apartment. I screamed "Allen!" as I ran to turn the T.V. on. "Allen" as I saw snow on every channel except channel 2.(Yes, I am like the only person in New York
who doesn't have cable.) I don't remeber if I saw the second plane hit or the note from my husband first. After running room to room looking for him I saw the words "had to go to work for a little while, seeyou later". My heart sank in my stomach because he was on the Q train going into Manhattan. I ran to the phone and called his cell. Voice mail. "Allen call me back." I knew he would call ASAP because I was due in a few weeks. I sat in front of the T.V. stunned frightened. I knew I needed to stay calm because this wasn't the day to go into labor. I tried calling again. Oh my G-d my mom works in the Empire State Building. I call her office, and get the voice mail. Call me if you get this. Now the Pentagon is hit. "My G-d we're under attack and my husband is on his way over the Manhattan bridge on a train in the subway. I call again. I want to burst into tears but I must stay calm. Today is not the day I want to go into labor. Breathe. I sat stunned in front of the T.V. I called my cousin. "Please, stay with me on the phone. I am trying so hard to stay calm." Then there was a sound as I watched the first tower go down."Dear G-d this can't be happening. All those people. Where is Allen." Please call. About 10:15 he called. Thank G-d. "I love you . I tried calling you. Why did you go? Why did you go?" We were on the phone when the second tower went down. I watched it on T.V. He saw it out his office window. "This is terrible. I love you." By now there was no way in or out of Manhattan and my Husband and mother were both trapped. I kept him on the phone line for quite some time. I was afraid to let him go. "I hope I seeyou again."My mother called at some point she had been evacuated from her building. She was with people from work heading uptown. "Please hook up with Allen. You need to be together." Family members started calling . Who's home? Who's in the city? Did you hear anything? My Aunt who was at Windows of the World during the first attack called to say she"d be over.With my Aunt I gathered my kids from school and waited at home. I watched in horror with the rest of the world and waited. I tried so hard to stay calm that day. I really thought it might have been the end. I remember when my husband and mom walked through the door.The embrace of having my family home safe gave me great comfort. My husband children and I slept together in the same room that night. Two weeks later I gave birth to a healthy bay boy. My heart goes out to everyone who suffered that day especially the pregnant women who were not as lucky as I was.


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