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I remember waking up that morning, making coffee and lookng at my schedule for the day. I had an early appointment at a customer premise that morning so I wanted to see what traffic was going to be like. I turned on my TV right after the 1st tower was hit and thought Oh my god what a tragedy (I was thinking this was an accident) as I was trying to get some more details the second tower was hit and I realized that America was under attack and I knew at that moment things would never be the same.
This event has brought me to realize along with many other Americans that we are vunerable, but we will stand and fight for our country as we have done in the past, it has brought closer to my family and friends. I feel for those that have lost loved ones, my children because they are young and do not understand, and I feel for America as a whole. A year later my prayers are still with all those that have been hurt, are currently fighting for our country, and my fellow Americans.
We are now united again but at what cost did that come?


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