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I am an 48 year old male American born in the midwest .I watched the Tv as they explained the first plane hitting and thought it was an accident and how trajic it was for the people on board the plane . Then when I saw the other plane hit I yelled please stop this .Then hearing of another plane in Pennsalvania and possibly the Pentagon . I just couldn't watch such great evil and I prayed to God for help .

LC Story: Memory

The Fire and smoke

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I truely feel that Americans were excepting all kinds of religions in the 90's as fact . Our President was embracing the muslims and Vice President was in buddist temples in California .This Nation was founded by men and women that were killed and torchered by other religions for the sole purpose of telling the Truth that Jesus was Gods Son . When we started breaking Away from this we allowed the wrong thinking of Americans to believe they could except other religions . In conclusion ; the other Nations saw us as weak and their gods more powerful thus they attacked . History bares this out from the beginning of time . The muslims have always killed people and placed temples on top of the conquered temples .The world has fought them 6 times in the last centuries and will have to fight them again due to their religion is one of murder and conquer. Our President now ,George Bush is realizing this as we speak and our Armies are in Afganistan and Iraq .


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