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LC Story: Story

I was on the 23rd floor of the AJC Federal Building in Cleveland Ohio working for a Department of Defense Agency. I was on the phone when I heard the news over the radio. Someone had a tiny TV in the office and we watched the breaking news. We saw the 2nd tower get hit then heard the Pentagon was struck. It was at that point I left the building in tears and came directly home, not knowing what was in store for our country next. I figured if the Pentagon could be struck, anything would be fair game. I phoned my cousin in Los Angeles to let her know I was OK. "OK from what?" she said, I told her to turn on the TV, they were getting ready for work and couldn't believe it!

LC Story: Memory

The intense TV coverage and watching the towers fall, but knowing our country still stood tall.

LC Story: Affects

Realizing that most of us thought "It could NEVER happen here!"


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