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RE: World Trade Center Pictures for sale


RE: World Trade Center Pictures for sale



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Mr. Phillips, as I said in my original message, you do not have to answer to me or anyone else - only your conscience. Only you know your true intentions. You can not blame me for being skeptical. We have seen countless "hoaxes" in the past, with all kinds of motives behind them. <br><br>If the face photograph is in fact nothing more than a fortuitous click of your camera, and you in fact donate 50% of the proceeds of the photos for sale as your web site suggests, then you are to be commended for your altruism, and indeed I should be ashamed for wrongly judging a man with good intentions.<br><br>Jaime V. Behar<br><br><br>-----Original Message-----<br>From: Mark D. Phillips [] Sent: Thursday, September 20, 2001 11:49 PM To:<br>Subject: Re: World Trade Center Pictures for sale <br><br>I'm sorry you feel this way and nothing I can say will change your mind. Maybe after you see your HOME attacked and try to take the publicity you are receiving and raise money for your neighbors hurt and killed in a horrible tragedy, you will feel different. My hands are clean. Can you say the same about yourself?? Judging me when you don't know me. You should be ashamed.<br><br><br>>To Mr. Phillips and all others involved: <br><br>>It is very sad that you have to resort to this kind of deceitful publicity stunt at a time like this to draw attention to yourself for a profit. If you are capable of conjuring this kind of ploy, I can surmise the <br>sincerity<br>>behind your promise to donate part of the proceeds to the "Twin Tower Funds." I am as much a capitalist as anyone else, but to exploit this moment of pain and grief of your fellow man, well - that is the same fiber that terrorists are made of. I don't believe in the devil, but I do <br>believe<br>>that - incredibly enough - there are people like you. It is appropriate that you make your kill out of a terrorist act where supposedly the devil has had a hand.<br><br>>This is a free country - it protects even people like you. You don't have to answer to me or anyone else - only you know the absolute facts behind this story and your intent - live with it. You will very likely make some money out of this tragedy - just make sure you wash your hands every time you use the money.<br><br>>Jaime V. Behar<br>

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Fri, 21 Sep 2001 02:34:57 -0400

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RE: World Trade Center Pictures for sale


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