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September 11 Email: Body

Before you baulk at yet another email about your photo listen to this.  I have found photos and video in addition to yours that show face(s) in the smoke.   Carmen Taylor, amateur, took a photo distributed by AP.  Sean Adair took a photo distributed by Reuters. CNN has an exclusive video and your picture(s).   Carmen and Sean photos are in a slide show entitled "See images of the attack" on found in slide show 1, the last two frames.   Seans can also be viewed at   CNN video is "Second plane hits World Trade Center" on   Check them out for yourself.  I find that Sean's is unique and has two faces in the left tower.  Look from bottom and find a smaller white face then directly over that face is a larger black face.  The Carmen and CNN video are consistent.  I've not found any others exactly like yours.    Thankx, Jesse  <br>

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Wed, 19 Sep 2001 10:20:43 -0400

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