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LC Story: Story

I was employed by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Brunswick, GA. I reported to work at 7:30am; some time after that, as I sat going through the morning's emails, a co-worker stepped into my office to say that he had heard that a plane had just flown into onw of the World Trade Center Towers.
We had a 50-inch TV in the briefing room just across the hall, and we turned it on and tuned in to CNN. And soon, everyone in the buiolding was in the room, watching as the events unfolded. We spent the entire day watching the news channels.

LC Story: Memory

The images of the first tower collapsing. My eyes almost couldn't take in all of the horror. I turned to my co-workers and said, "My, God, we just saw thousands of people die".

LC Story: Affects

I think the war on terrorism, Afghanistan, and OIF all came from the sense of shock, of violation, that Americans felt on 9-11. Personally, I now work as a Dept. of the Army civilian employee. I'm not medically able to serve on active duty any more, so I figure supporting the war-fighters who are now engaged in the war is the next best thing.


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