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Tuesday, December 04, 2001 7:27 PM
comment on "Sept. 11 fund" regs

To: Kenneth L. Zwick, Director
Office of Management Programs, Civil Division
U.S Department of Justice

Dear Mr. Zwick:

I am sending you this message in response to the Department's request for
public comments regarding the forthcoming regulations for implementing and
administering the "September 11 Victim Compensation Fund." I strongly urge
the Department to draft regulations that ensure compensation is available to
all victims of the attack,
including the committed partners and the non-biological children
of gay and lesbian victims.

Surely there will be some people who suggest that the families of gay and
lesbian victims do not deserve such compensation--that their loved ones were
in some way immoral. The ideology that drives this belief is cut from the
same cloth as the ideology that caused the terrorists to bring down the
towers. If we are truly better human beings than the terrorists are, we
should repudiate their ideology, as well as similar ones that seek to deny
our common humanity.

It is unquestionable that the devastating grief and economic losses suffered
by the families of gay and lesbian victims are no less than that of other
families. Just as the terrorists drew no lines in choosing their victims,
our country must draw no lines in compensating those who suffered the most
personal of losses from these horrific attacks.

Many Americans lost their lives on September 11, each of whom left behind
loved ones. I urge the Department to honor these bonds by treating the
families of gay and lesbian victims as you would any other.

Individual Comment
Middleton, WI

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