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LC Story: Story

My wife and I were at the Indianapolis, Indiana VA hospital waiting for her to have her blood drawn. We were watching TV when we saw the first plane crashed into the WTT. I immediately said out loud that it was terrorist who flew the airplane into the building.

LC Story: Memory

Watching the airplanes crash into the buildings.

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Up until that event, the American people took freedom for granted. As a military retiree, they have never experience what we in the military have gone through to protect them. The American people, including our elected officials, never thought that this would happen in America. In my personal opinion and military experience, its a wonder that this didnt happen a long time ago. Even though this event was horrible, thank God that our enemies did not plot to destroy strategically targets at the same time, i.e. like the Vietnamese did in Vietnam.

I believe after a while, we will let our guard down again. History repeats itself.


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