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LC Story: Story

I remember I was in my English class at the time of the attack's but I had no clue to what was going on until I entered my 2nd period class which was Choir. I was a Junior in High School at the time of the attacks and now I'm a Senior. I remember that I could almost hear a pin drop when we were watching the news and some of us even had tears in our eye's and then just watching the tower's come crashing down to the ground was very hard to watch. In the days that followed the attacks I remember arriving at school everyday to see our flags flying at half staff for several weeks and then our school did a money drive to help the people of New York and Pennsylvania. I felt sad for all those families who lost their loved ones on that day and I will never be able to forget them.

LC Story: Memory

My strongest memory of that day would have to be when I realized that our men and women of the military were going to be called up for duty. I also remember our flag being lowered to half staff for several weeks to come.

LC Story: Affects

I think that the events of September 11th have made this country stronger because it has brought people closer together. I think it has made me a stronger person but yet it made me more appreciative of the freedom of this country.


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