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Re: [MAPC-coord] International/National Solidarity/Networking


Re: [MAPC-coord] International/National Solidarity/Networking



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Possibly we need a name...

There are currently 9 prospective members and 3 folks who asked to be kept
informed.  We are meeting Tuesday 11/20 at 6:45 at a place to be determined.

Our agenda will consist of naming ourselves, selecting an outie and innie,
and setting up a workplan for ourselves.  Many of the prospective members
(including myself) are parents, and have expressed cautiousness about our
ability to commit to too many meetings.  We might be an unusual group.  I
think we might be a email-based working group.

I have a concern for discussion by the CC.  Since joining the MAPC, I
scarcely have time for peace work.  I am not alone in expressing this.
Between email overload, the general meeting, committee meetings, and CC
meetings for outies, it's a lot.  I know that some of you are doing it, and
doing it incredibly well.  And I understand and support the need for a great
deal of communication and process in a new organization.  But we need
structural niches persons with less time available.   I don't have a
solution to suggest just yet, and I will keep thinking about this, but I
wanted to bring this up for discussion as well.

Finally, I am very pleased to see the push for outreach.  I think this the
most critical thing for us right now - for all the right political reasons,
but also because I am beginning to get faint wiffs of toast at every level
in the organization.  Which is not to say we are not doing absolutely
amazing things - the fast, the rallies, the art stuff, the teach-ins and
tabling, the policy and website development, the fact the we already have a
budget and money to fund it - it's all pretty astonishing.  But we could
certainly use more person-power.

PeaceLoveDove, (an old hippee)



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Thursday, November 15, 2001 10:38 PM

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Re: [MAPC-coord] International/National Solidarity/Networking


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