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I am hereby requesting the media committee to send a letter to the Editor to
Isthmus on behalf of the MAPC.

The letter (or e-mail) should go out in time to get in the next issue.
Perhaps e-mailing this Monday or Tuesday would work.

Draft Letter Text Suggestion:

Dear Editor:
     Alexander Cockburn (11/02/01 'U.S. eyes sheer torture') notes that the
United States government has sheltered torturers around the world.  One way
the government has done this is through the Army School of the Americas in
Fort Benning, Georgia, long a U.S. military training school for torture
techniques.  The School's graduates have gone on to mastermind torture and
death squads in their home countries in Latin America.  In fact, the alumni
form a who's who of notorious human rights abusers in the region.  For ten
years, American citizens have protested the School of the Americas outside
Fort Benning on a Saturday in November.
     This year Madisonians can join in a Peace Parade in solidarity with the
eleventh annual School of the Americas protest.  It is being held at MATC
Truax at noon on Saturday, November 17th.  For more information call
835-7501 or go to

Madison Area Peace Coalition

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[MAPC-discuss] Isthmus Letter to the Editor


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