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[MAPC-discuss] city peace resolution


[MAPC-discuss] city peace resolution



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Hi Everyone,
   The Policy Committee continues to push to get a peace resolution debated
in the Common Council, but will not have concrete progress to report
tomorrow night.
   We have been very actively contacting the progressive alders, but now we
need to step back for a day or two (again) to give them a chance to respond.
   A common reaction from the alders is that it is problematic to introduce
a resolution that gets only a few votes.  This could send the message that
the city isn't for peace, or jepardize future resolutions on the same issue.
  So our proposed resolution may end up
being debated after Thanksgiving if at all--we'll know soon.
   It's interesting.  One school of thought seems to be that even
introduction of a resolution is positive since it generates debate.  Another
school is that some collegiality among progressive alders must be preserved,
divisiveness must be avoided, and you don't want to waste political capital
on something that has no chance of passing.
   What do you think?
   Should we do a County resolution, too?

X, Policy Committee
XXX-XXXX (day)
242-9232 (evening)


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[MAPC-discuss] city peace resolution


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