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Re: [MAPC-coord] cc mission for approval, gm agenda


Re: [MAPC-coord] cc mission for approval, gm agenda



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Regardless of whether any other breakouts occur, I'd definitely encourage
X to pull together a quick meeting of  the labor folks immediately after
the meeting, if only for long enough to set a future meeting date for the
labor caucus.

We (F&F) might attempt the same thing to try to recruit folks to work on the
art auction; I don't think either of those breakouts would take any major

I'm not sure if the other proposed breakouts would take great effort or not.
Perhaps we should just leave that question to the Working Groups:  If O&E
wants a postering or brochure breakout, or if Action wants a Nov. 17
breakout, they can announce it & organize it.

Anyhow, that's my two Afghanis ("the currency, not the people") worth.


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Sent: Monday, November 12, 2001 8:04 PM
Subject: RE: [MAPC-coord] cc mission for approval, gm agenda

> X,
> Good ideas, but I think too difficult to organize for this meeting, given
> the packed agenda and potential discussion of CD on Nov 17th. See X's email. I think we need to go with what we decided this time around.
> Peace,
> X
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> Subject: Re: [MAPC-coord] cc mission for approval, gm agenda
> On Sun, 11 Nov 2001 20:37:50 -0600  "X" wrote:
> > Here is the CC mission, combining X's original plus what we
> added/changed:
> looks great to me.
> > Here is the agenda:
> ...
> > 4) Announcements
> > 5) Optional - Video
> i thought more about the idea of having people who want to work on the
> brochure get together for a little bit after the gm.  i started
> thinking about all the other tasks we try to coordinate, particularly
> things that have a lot of overlap between the different committees.  i
> was also thinking about the need to make the general meetings more
> productive and worth while for people to come to, since some people
> have stopped coming because of their experience with long meetings
> that didn't accomplish a whole lot.  i think that's gotten much
> better, but our gms still have a reputation which we need to take big,
> tangible steps towards overcoming.
> i propose that at the end of the gm we have people split up into
> working groups to accomplish specific things that need to be
> organized.  we could have our own proposals as the cc and/or during
> the meeting, anyone could suggest other topics.  my proposals for this
> week:
> 1) working on the brochure
>   - already discussed as a good idea
> 2) coordinating putting up posters
>   - has lots of overlap between o/e, communications, volunteers, etc;
>     it really needs to happen, particularly this week with so many
>     events coming up soon...
> 3) coordinating the production of posters
>   - has lots of overlap between o/e, arts, communications, action,
>     media, etc; there are people not in any committee who are good at
>     this who want to help us; it'd be good if there was some more
>     consistancy to our publicity (all posters include the mapc logo
>     and, a .pdf version of all of our posters should
>     be posted on the web so anyone can download, print, copy, and hang
>     them, etc); it's a lot of work, and it'd be good if there was a
>     pool of people who could do it and each committee didn't have to
>     find volunteers themselves; etc...
> 4) inital steps towards forming a labor caucus
>   - see how many union folks are in the room and if they're interested
>     in starting to work towards forming a caucus
> in addition, we could use one of these working groups to coordinate
> details of a specific event.  since we have less and less time in the
> cc meetings to hash out lots of details, it might be good to have
> people from different committees meet to coordinate some of the
> details themselves, and get people right there who agree to take care
> of certain tasks.  the people from these groups who could then be the
> liasons between committees for the planning of the given event.  this
> way, things like "who's going to pick up the art props for our demo on
> the 17th planned by action?" can be taken care of without using up
> time in a cc meeting.
> this is a direct way to involve volunteers from the meeting in the
> work of the coalition without them having to join a committee or
> caucus.  it drastically cuts down on the time between when a new
> person comes to a mapc meeting and when they can start to be involved
> in the coalition's work.  it would help the committees get their work
> accomplished.  i hope it would also start to break down the mentality
> of "committee turf" which i see as developing into a minor problem
> (all the concern over "who's responsibility is this task, committee X
> or committee Y?").
> for this week, if there's still work that needs to be done that we
> don't have (enough) people working on, we could have groups to
> coordinate that work for:
> - the fast
> - the teach-in on thursday
> - the peace parade on the 17th
> - the dance party at the cardinal
> - the school supply event on the 30th
> - the art auction
> ...
> for each of our propoals, it would be best to find a coordinator or
> facilitator ahead of time so at the end of the meeting, we could have
> them stand up, announce their location, and have folks who are
> interested in working on that go to their part of the room.  if folks
> proposed something during the meeting, they could be the default
> facilitator, or the chairs could make sure someone volunteers to do it
> when the group is splitting up.
> my apologies for not thinking of all of this before/during our meeting
> since it would have been easier to discuss in person than over email.
> do y'all think this is worth trying?  if so, let's put it on the
> agenda as item #6 (or 5, if the video isn't happening):
> 6) Break up into working groups
>  - working on mapc brochure (X)
>  - forming labor caucus (X)
>  - poster distribution (X)
>  - poster production (?)
>  ...
> these are just ideas for facilitators (Sarah + Channa were talking
> about the brochure at the cc meeting, Tyuet and Mike are mentioned in
> the e/o report...)  any volunteers for the others?  do folks think we
> need one for any of the events i listed above?
> what'd y'all think?
>  In solidarity,
> X
> International Socialist Organization    (
> United Faculty and Academic Staff, AFT Local 223   (
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> _______________________________________________


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Monday, November 12, 2001 11:48 PM

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Re: [MAPC-coord] cc mission for approval, gm agenda


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