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[MAPC-policy] resolution update


[MAPC-policy] resolution update



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September 11 Email: Body

Dear Committee,
     Last night we got the mandate from MAPC to float both a stronger "stop
the bombing" resolution, and a weaker one (the one posted to the discussion
list and handed out last night).
     I was somewhat dismayed to realize today that the deadline for filing
resolutions for the next meeting is today at noon, or tomorrow at noon for
     So I took the liberty of contacting by e-mail all the alders X suggested we approach (5 or 6).  I presented them with both copies.
     The stronger language I inserted was to replace the next-to-last clause
with "BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the United States should immediately stop
military action against Afghanistan because that is the main obstacle to
addressing the humanitarian catastrophe there; and."  Otherwise, it's the
same as the one posted to the discussion list.
     X got back to me right away saying he needs to take the
weekend at least to discuss with his colleagues.  I thanked him.
     I'm sorry for acting unilaterally.  The deadline got me panicked.  Now
we know we have definitely missed the upcoming 11/6 Common Council meeting.
Though on the other hand, we've got the ball rolling.
     I'll forward X's response in case you're interested.
     I believe there's still room for wordsmithing, so keep me informed on
your wishes.


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Wednesday, October 31, 2001 10:46 AM

September 11 Email: Subject

[MAPC-policy] resolution update


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