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LC Story: Story

I was in my fourth grade classroom, I am a teacher in Queens. My son was a paramedic with NY hospital- we can see the NY skyline from our school, and saw everything. I knew my son would be there. I prayed for his safety and all of the uniformed people, I knew they were going in, as others were going out. My husband called him on his cell, and said be careful, we love you. That was the last time we spoke to him Both he and his partner were lost. Thankfully, they were recovered about 6 months later. He was our only child. His name is Keith Fairben, his partner was Mario Santoro.

LC Story: Memory

waiting for news about my son, the F-14 fighters all night long flying over the house , we live in western Nassau county. The sense of unreality of it all.

LC Story: Affects

This is the Pearl Harbor of my generation. Our country has become complacent again since 2001. Over 3,000 families will never be the same.


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