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Re: [MAPC-discuss] higher priorities than logo


Re: [MAPC-discuss] higher priorities than logo



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I was very concerned and saddened by some of what happened last night in regards to the direction of the peace sign logo "discussion."

I have told the Coordinating Committee before and other individuals that I would like to concentrate much of energies on outreach efforts to the greater Madison communities and populations.  I also must say that I've been remiss in not attending the last two 0&E committee meetings because I wanted to specifically bring this topic of connecting with others up to the group.

I know there was discussion awhile back about separating the outreach and education components of that committee but it didn't lead to anything I believe because that committee's idea of what outreach was for their tasks was different from what I'm talking about here.

I do intend to begin to work on this issue now, don't know if anyone else wants to specifically work on this as well, but that would be great.  If you do, please contact me at my email address or at XXX-XXXX.

I also think that we need to do an action you described regarding the racial profiling issue--I was talking about the same thing later last night with my family.  In addition to what you've mentioned that's been going on in this realm, there've been at least 5,000 people who have undergone or are undergoing questioning by our government and also an Executive Order by Bush today or yesterday to establish a military-run terrorist tribunal.  Very heavy-duty activvities!

Thanks again for your comments--


X wrote:

[those who were not at tonight's mtg will be a little bewildered but able to understand the general import of this mail] I think a discussion of MAPC's outreach/inclusivity is overdue, but I would like to suggest that we leave the logo out of it for right now, to vastly reduce potential divisiveness of the issue. Table the logo for a week, talk about these important issues of inclusiveness, and then revive the logo discussion without it being a litmus test of any kind. 
I'm sure we've all seen it happen before. People who fundamentally mean well and generally agree with each other can get sidetracked into bitter wars over what meanings should be attributed to a symbol or symbolic action. Arguments over differing interpretations degenerate into labeling each others' interpretations in very negative ways.

Right now, rather than fighting over the history vs. the perception of the peace sign, we should be focused on taking concrete steps to ensure (1) that everyone who opposes the war feels comfortable working with MAPC and (2) that MAPC's efforts to educate and inform are both respectful and audible to every community in Madison.

If the use or non-use of the peace sign has a part to play, it should emerge out of this larger discussion, not be the instrument to open a can of worms.What we really need to examine is: what efforts have been made to build coalitions with various communities in Madison? I know efforts have just started to outreach to labor--excellent & long overdue as well. Have we tried to invite other communities to get involved, or explored ways of networking? When I emailed my contacts in the Muslim Students' Assoc & the Islamic Ctr about the rally this Saturday, they were unaware of any other MAPC effort to involve or even connect with their organizations. So--what has been done so far? What can be done? 
Secondly but no less importantly, we need to collect feedback from non-dominant-culture perspectives, whether coalition members or our contacts in various communities, regarding:1) perception of MAPC / anti-war movement in general--relevant? Inclusive?2) things MAPC can do to be *perceived* as more welcoming to anti-war people in various communities
3) things MAPC can do to actually *be* more representative of a variety of views and voices
4) particular ways MAPC can network with community leaders
5) best strategies for each community for outreach on anti-war issues.It seems especially important that MAPC be a haven and firm support for anyone who feels isolated and vulnerable at the moment--whether it be the direct targets of racist scapegoating, or international students from any part of the globe who feel isolated by their anti-imperialist perspectives and/or afraid of the new anti-immigrant laws. So my final recommendation is that our next action should really target issues of racial profiling, Ashcroft's stripping away of immigrants' rights, and the hundreds of people currently in custody over a month without due process. (I was planning to suggest this anyway--it didn't just come up because of tonight's meeting). 
Guess that's more than two cents!

In solidarity,

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Wednesday, November 14, 2001 4:03 PM

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Re: [MAPC-discuss] higher priorities than logo


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