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Hi X!
I'm glad the faux Dalai Lama piece struck a chord with you too.

I think we will be walking on eggs as we try to keep a coalition
of people who are against the war together with activists who
have a lot axes to grind, and most of whom aren't particularly
pacifist in their outlook.

Which dovetails nicely into what I think about X...

"The Left" accumulates a lot of alienated and somewhat disfunctional
people, people with behavioral difficulties whose alienation
from the mainstream attracts them to the anti-mainstream culture
of the left.  Many of these people are exceptionally bright,
if poorly socialized.  When they turn the bright light of their
intellect upon a situation, the truth is revealed to them and,
from that moment forward, the perspectives of others are simply
not as important as the perspective they own. Perhaps X's
agenda is self aggrandizement, or perhaps he has a political
ax to grind, or maybe he is just rude and obnoxious. Regardless,
he is on your committee so your challenge seems to be to work
with him, work through him or work around him to make the policy
committee be the best it can be.

I think if someone volunteers for an important assignment (like
contacting the Congressman) and they don't follow through or
are unsuccessful, then the committee needs to support them and
gently spread the responsibility out for getting it done.

I guess even if he is an asshole we should treat him like we'd
want to be treated.  The dilemma is, how do we remove him as
a roadblock and still be kind?  No easy answer.

I think you should advertise the next meeting of the policy committee
on the MAPC mail list and try to attract a larger number of people
so X's BS can be diffused.  What do you think?

>--- Original Message ---
>From: "X" <X>
>To: "X" <X>
>Date: 10/11/01 9:36:16 AM
>Hi X - Just wanted to say thanks for the Dalai Lama piece
- I don't care
>who wrote it, it was exactly what I needed to read today. It
really echoes
>my own beliefs.  I found it really supportive to receive it.
>BTW, that guy X showed up unexpectedly at the Kohl meeting
(missing our
>45 minute preparation mtg beforehand).  He also sent out a snide
response to
>my email in which I expressed a sense of urgency to set up the
X and
>X meetings.  (He volunteered to set up the X meeting
and has
>not yet done so).  I really feel like it is more important to
him to attack
>me, than to be a productive committee.  This is very strange
for me, in that
>I have never encountered this kind of treatment from anyone
before (maybe I
>am lucky) - but feels very hurtful and difficult.  I have heard
>numerous people that he is an "asshole", but nonetheless I am
really not
>sure how to handle his attacks.  Any suggestions?
>Keep the faith!
>X >

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Thursday, October 11, 2001 10:29 AM

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RE: dalai lama


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