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[MAPC-coord] next meeting


[MAPC-coord] next meeting



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September 11 Email: Body

2 important items we missed -

1) Need to book room for next cc meeting.
2) Need to select facilitator for next cc meeting, who will put the draft
agenda together.  Trying to remember who has done this aleady - X,
X, X, me.

Volunteers for the above, anyone??

I'm thinking I'll wait until after the GM meeting to post our notes, so the
proposal votes can occur uninfluenced by our discussions.  Also, it will
give those of us making contacts a chance to do so before the contactee
reads about it online.  Otherwise, X's notes look pretty good to go to
me, shouldn't need much editing.

peace, X

September 11 Email: Date

Sunday, October 28, 2001 9:00 PM

September 11 Email: Subject

[MAPC-coord] next meeting


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