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RE: [MAPC-coord] Coordinating Committee Meeting 11/18/01


RE: [MAPC-coord] Coordinating Committee Meeting 11/18/01



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September 11 Email: Body

Hi Frank - please add the donation to Wilmar for our meeting there.  Also,
as I only have email at work, I am asking for reports to be posted by Friday
afternoon (if possible).  Thanks.


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Subject: [MAPC-coord] Coordinating Committee Meeting 11/18/01

Hi all!

If this email looks familiar it is because I am trying to help put together
a coord comm meeting as well organized as the one Gillam facilitated last

The next Coordinating Committee meeting will be Sunday, November 18, at 4:00
p.m., at Memorial Union (Check TITU for room location).  I have NOT
submitted the room reservation request.  I understand from the minutes that
Derek has this covered.

IMPORTANT:  If you're an Outie, and you cannot attend, please ensure that
someone else from your Working Group/Caucus is at this meeting.

As you know, we continually postpone agenda items at our meetings.  As
facilitator for the upcoming meeting, I would like to help us move through
the agenda more quickly.

FIRST:  I am asking each Outie to post his/her Working Group's or Caucus's
report to the CC mailing list BY FRIDAY NIGHT.  Your report should be
divided into three parts:  (1) update on the WG/C's activities; (2) requests
for assistance from other WG/Cs, and (3)  proposals to be acted on by the CC
or general membership.  This will enable us to read the updates ahead of
time, and focus our meeting time on the requests for assistance and

SECOND:  Anyone with a proposal to present should write it up and send it
out to the CC list, again BY FRIDAY NIGHT.  This way, the proponent won't
have to spend meeting time explaining the proposal, and we can jump right
into questions and discussion.

Please note that the success of these measures is dependent both on everyone
sending out the advance e-mail reports & proposals AND on everyone reading
their e-mail prior to the meeting.

I would also like to follow the suggestion that we defer action on all
proposals from WGs & Caucus until after all WG/Cs have reported.

The proposed agenda for the meeting is as follows:

1.  Introductions & Check-in
2.  Additions/amendments to agenda
3.  Approval of minutes

4.  Working Group & Caucus Reports
5.  Action on Working Group/Caucus Proposals
Old Business:
6.  Proposal:  MAPC/SWAIG Newsletter
7.  Proposal:  Peace Draft
8.  Adding at-large CC members
New Business:

Please let me know if you have any additional items to add; I will print up
an updated agenda for distribution at the meeting.

P.S.  If you are no longer the Outie for your WG/C, please forward this
e-mail to the new Outie.  Thanks.



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Thursday, November 15, 2001 12:52 PM

September 11 Email: Subject

RE: [MAPC-coord] Coordinating Committee Meeting 11/18/01


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