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RE: [MAPC-discuss] People Say It's Not Vietnam


RE: [MAPC-discuss] People Say It's Not Vietnam



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Remember that it took a long time before Americans realized that
the Vietnam war was wrong.  We are going to have to continue
to do a lot of convincing. /we can only hope that it doesn't
come to domestic (as in: from other Americans) violence before
we get our point across as it did during the Vietnam era.

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>Date: 11/01 1:39:47 PM

>   People are saying this is not Vietnam, and they're getting
away with it.
>   Last night I was leafletting at the Dylan concert.  A wall
>indifference.  I'm sure my leafletting technique could use some
>  But still, fans don't connect this anti-war singer to peace.
>   And Feingold Sunday at the Pyle Center.  He defended our
bombing in
>Afghanistan as justified self-defense, just after he mentioned
>that he had protested against the Vietnam War right outside
that building.
>It's maddening that he's trying to get credit for a past anti-war
>while firmly siding with the status quo now.
>   The Nation's Katha Pollitt recently stated that this war
is not like
>Vietnam.  She took potshots at the peace movement, and repeated
the mantra:
>this war is justified self defense.  Then in the end she agreed
it's a
>stupid and wrong-headed approach, exactly as she initially characterized

>   Castro's speech handed out at the last Socialist Potluck
showed some
>valid parallels between this war and Vietnam.  The vague goal,
>unidentifiable enemy, and now the advisors going in.
>   September 11th is functioning as a pretext, and people won't
>it.  Several thousand Americans are killed, so that gives us
the right to
>starve several MILLION Afghanis?  That gives us the right to
wage war
>against any number of countries, and use WHATEVER methods and
weapons we
>   How can we tap into Americans' belief that Vietnam was wrong,
so that
>they will see this war is wrong in the same way?
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RE: [MAPC-discuss] People Say It's Not Vietnam


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