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LC Story: Story

I was actually in bed,I had just had my daughter 3 weeks prior and my parents were up fom Florida to help with the new baby.I heard my husband come in from work to say that a plane had struck the Trade Center.He had heard it on Howard Stern.Naturally my parents had thought it was a joke being that Howard Stern always is joking around. Then I turned my TV on from my bed in my room.My first thoughts were of my friend Ronny, he worked in the Trade Center and was there for the first bombing,at fist I didnt think of my brother, a Firefighter in NY.Then I got out of bed and went inside.As we sat and watched the second plane hit,we knew it wasnt just a commuter plane like we thought.I think I was just oblivious,then the towers fell, my Dad being a retired lutenient from the FDNY, had a look on his face, he knew this was'nt good,for some reason my Mom and I were a little oblivious to what happened.Then I asked my Dad if my brother was working,he said he should have been getting off,but it was too early, unless someone came in to relieve him early.I felt everything would be ok, he'd call us when he was done down there, he wouldn't call for a while he was a determened guy.We finally got in touch with my sisterin law.She had spoken to him earlier,around 7:30,but no word since.We decided to run to the store to get lunch and wait for his call.Looking back now,we were so nonchalant,until later in the day, like as time went on it got worse, or we realized what really happened,it's really hard to imagine,2 humongous buildings collapsing in Manhattan.I still go there now and look up at other buldings and think"that's not even as high as the Towers..???!!!!"By night ,my parents went to church to pray.I was almost mad at them,did they not have any faith in him?He was ok,just trying to help people down there,a real hardhead, he was'nt taking time away from that to call us,that was his way, I knew his ways, very strong willed,but my Dad knew better,he knew the job,and what it entailed,my Dad knew his son was gone.

LC Story: Memory

My stongest memory of that day was when I also decided to go to our church to pray,before I left, I just said "thank God for this baby".When I got home ,I sat in my daughters room rocking her in the rocking chair,watching the TV,and the commmisioner of the FDNY did a press confrence.He said that over 300 firefighters were presumed dead.I've never cried so hard in my life,but I still had hope, I knew that strong son of a bitch would get out of there,not even a 100 story buildingcould take him down.

LC Story: Affects

I feel that in the beginning in our area NY, everyone was much nicer to each other,people were holding doors,just being much more low key.For me,my entire life has changed,my brother is gone,and people are going about their lives, going back to their old ways, caring about things that don't mean anything,being materialistic,just things that don't matter.They have forgotten, not everyone ,but alot of people,they don't want to hear it anymore,they probably haven't lost a loved one that could never get over this.You could never act that way ,unless you don't have a heart.


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