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LC Story: Story

I was at work for the Austin Fire Department, watching T.V., when the news broke in on our show. We all watched with our mouths wide open as the evens unfolded. I got off work that day and went to school with my girlfriend at the Univeristy and watched the news inside of classrooms and in the hall all day long. I have since enlisted into the United States Air Force and am serving my country.

LC Story: Memory

I remember feeling like someone had kicked me in the stomach, confused as to how someone could do such a thing to so many innocent people, and just wondering why.

LC Story: Affects

I think that the country as a whole has come together in a way that is difficult to even put into words. In the short year that i have been in the military, I have had people just come up to me on the streets when i was in uniform and just say thank you. I have had people offer to buy me dinner drinks..etc. But most of all, i think America has a VERY STRONG sense of pride for all of freedoms and all that we believe.


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