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LC Story: Story

My wife and I had just arrived to our honeymoon resort in the British Virgin Islands, when we heard that a plane had crashed into the Trade Center in NYC. My heart sank, knowing my father was at work in Tower 1. We watched the towers collapse, wondering the fate of my father - a retiree of the Port Authority.
Numerous phone calls to family in the US hoping for good news. My father placed a few calls to family and friends to tell them of his location in Tower 1 and his condition. In the phone call to my mother, my father told my mother of the directive to hold up on the 64th floor to await further direction from Port Authority management before evacuating.
A while later, a second phone call to my mother revealed the groups decision to head down after smelling what they thought be to gasoline.
The group descended, as they approached about the 20th floor is when the tower collapsed. A group of 16 evacuated together, and 14 entered eternal life that day!

LC Story: Memory

Two employees of the Port Authority Engineering Group with whom my father worked survived the collapse of Tower 1 with non life threatening injuries.
One gentleman has been a god send comforting the victims families and providing an account of the days event.
The woman that survived has been nothing but greedy in sharing her story - only to the press seeking financial restitution. To make matters worse, she was a illegal immigrant having failed to renew her green card prior to 9-11. Now she is a hero!

LC Story: Affects

My outlook on the United States of America has changed -It's no longer land of the free, rather land of the freeloaders!
America needs to close its borders and take care of its own people first before supporting the illegal Tom, Dick and Harry's that want to live the American Dream!


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