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On September 11,2001 I was,like everyone else,going about My normal daily routine. I am employed at a 16 bed group home,where i am the Food Service Supervisor. I remember that all of the residents had left for Day Training & I was busy prepping the Meal for that nights Dinner.
My boss came rushing into the building and said "Turn the Tv on,i just heard on the radio that the WTC has been hit by a plane!" There were 3 staff on duty & We sat glued to
the tv..still unsure what was going on & not even daring to think it could be terrorists. Then the 2nd plane hit and We didn't need to be told what was happening to Our wonderful country and it's innocent citizens. I remember feeling numb watching the events unfold on Tv..i remember crying alot and praying alot. It was hard to do any work that day,all I wanted to do was go get My 11 year old daughter from school & let Her know how much I loved Her.
When I got home from work,I immediately turned the Tv on & then got online to talk w/ My friends. Everyone was feeling the same emotions..Anger,Fear,Sorrow all at once.
A good friend of Mine who Served in Desert Storm,explained so much to Me that i didn't understand and gave Me links to lots of informative sites so i could read more on Bin Laden and Alcheida. He admitted He was as frightened as anyone else.
When My daughter got home from school,she could tell i had been crying and asked what was going on...The Teachers were crying and whispering at school. Her school had decided it was best to let the children have a stress free day & let their families explain it to them the best they knew how.
So i did My best at telling Her and she cried so hard...We watched Tv for the longest time and she had alot of questions that I didn't have answers for. I clearly remember Her saying the one thought on My mind all day.."Those poor kids who had Mom's and Dad's when They woke up this morning,and Now they are gone forever".
We cried alot & We prayed together. Later I had to turn the Tv off..It was becoming too much & We both needed a break from it. I sent her outside to play,and I remember her being fearful of even being outside. I reassured Her that she Would be ok..and to play w/ Her friends and have a good time.
A Year has passed now and I am in awe of the families who appear so strong on Tv..talking about their loved ones who perished on 9/11. I admire their courage & try to remember to say a prayer for them. Although Our Country still has a lot of predjudice & hate..I feel that We have come together through the hardest time America has ever seen. God Bless America & May Freedom Always Ring.


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