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This is an oil painting I created within the month after 911. It is called Isle of Prayers as I feel that is what Manhattan became. The Virgen of Guadalupe cries a tear of blood for all people. My heart goes out to everyone effected by this tragedy…

poster created 9/11 in the afternoon when I was able to make it home from work. we were the first floor evacuated from the John Hancock Tower in Boston the morning of 9/11.

This is one of many photos that i took on that day.
It is a photo of Staten Islands Rescue Co.5.
Twenty minutes after taking this photo the south tower collapsed killing all eleven firefighters on board.
They are true heroes and may…

This image is a composite of two drawings I made years ago, one when I was in my teens, and the other during my early years in college. The vehicles are space ships, but in the realm of literature, a starship pretty much serves as an analogy for a…

A flier from the National Poetry Month @ The Writer's Voice of the West Side Y -- special event, After 9/11, featuring the poetry of Joan Murray.

9-11 -01.jpg
The image I'm submitting is a collage I dedicated to Carole La Plante , afriend who perished in 9-11. It's a collage consisting of my original art & patriotic images.

This drawing was from memory, so isn't technically accurate. Visually, it is.

The title is a brief poem:

For a week time stood still
Then it began moving again
There are two worlds
Before 09-11-2001
And after...

Like two tombstones

I created this piece to remember. It is called "Fallen".

This ink is titled "Frozen." It has taken over a year for me to be able to examine the 9-11 tragedy in the detail required for expression that is as involved as this. I wonder if other artists and writers are discovering the same thing? Horror of…

This is one of my early proposal drawings for a new World Trade Center complex: twin towers like the first, but radically different in form from the sleek, pure Modernism of the original towers--and several floors taller. The "spiral" form steps…

After many months of critical thinking, sketching, and conceptualizing, I came up with this idea for the new World Trade Center.
There are two sets of twins: the taller, perhaps 90 or 100 floors tall, along Church Street; the shorter, 60 or 70…

PONT 2.jpg

Lenfant dune obscurité immense
Affamé/ assoiffé
Scrute sur un pont
Le portes qui se forment…

Une foule de gens
Qui se cachent des lendemains
Avec des pensées sans excuses
Enlacés les uns aux autres
Veulent passer…
Devant le…

healing copy.gif
Below is the original text of an email sent to me by a friend on Sept. 25th, 2001. I included it in reference to the image.

This was sent to me by a friend of mine. I guess it was drawn by a child in PA. who is 12! Perhaps there is hope after…

The image I am submitting is a painting that I did after 911. The idea came to me in part from a photo I had seen on TV and in part from an idea my son gave me along with a plea to create something so we would never forget. The image of the statue…

This piece is called "Requiem" and is an 11 foot by 4 foot hand painted silk banner that hangs in the Chapel of the National Episcopal Church Center in mid-town Manhattan. The following poem accompanies the banner.

The Rev. Eliza…

This is a picture i took of a model of manhattan that was on the inside observation level of tower 2

Gearing up.gif
Taleban, please hold, someone will be with you shortly!!

".....that we highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain...that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom...and that Government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth."…

9-11 Collage 3.gif
Collage in memory of the heroes of 9-11. I collected various clippings, Americana, fabric from my WTC/Pentagon/PA memorial quilt square submission, and personal sketches within the last year. The collage was completed on the evening of Sept. 10,…

crayon art.jpg
A crayon picture my 7 year old daughter, Molly did a few days after 9/11. The sad Statue of Liberty is saying, "God Bless America our home sweet home."
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