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[Flash file, FOUG, 2001?, 20 seconds] A short animation in which a sick looking Osama bin Laden eats from a toilet.

"I told you I would…" [Flash file, Therapy Movies, 2001, 0:25 seconds]
To the tune of marching band music an animated Uncle Sam figure pisses on the graves of Sad Ham Insane (Saddam Hussein) and Not Been Laden (Osama Bin Laden). Created by…

FBI Screening Exam [Flash file, National Lampoon, 2001] An animated satire that imagines an FBI screening exam for new agents wherein recruits are asked whether the individuals represented in series of photographs are "An international terrorist or…

[Flash file, Mike Overbeck, 2001, 1:07 minutes] Satirical animation shows peace marchers bringing out the love for the U.S. in Osama Bin Laden's heart, but he finds they bring a surprise, too. This digital creation appeared widely on the…

[Flash file, Nicola Brusco, January 2002, Italian, 5:59 minutes] In this Italian language animation, a television news anchorman introduces a video clip reportedly obtained through an anonymous member of Al-Qaeda -- in which Bin Laden presents his…

Happy Halloween
[Flash file, Mike Overbeck, 2001, 39 seconds] A U.S. helicopter brings Halloween treats to Bin Laden's forces in the Afghan hills.

Osama's Last Video [Flash file, Joe Cartoon , 2001, 2:10 minutes] An animated cartoon figure of Osama Bin Laden explains his actions, and attributing them to the pop-singer Madonna's "Truth or Dare" film. Osama watches a scantily clad woman dance…

[Flash File, OrtizanimationZ, 2001?, 40 seconds] A man works at his desk next to a window on the 83rd floor of the World Trade tower as the first plane approaches; then he views the gaping hole in the building across from him.

[Flash File,, 2001, 12 seconds] A game whose goal is to eliminate Osama Bin Laden, but with a surprise ending that gives the conflict a different interpretation.

"Sultan: The Jihadi Gerbil" [Flash file, Anuthruhoh Pictshurs, 2001, 1:44 seconds] In this animation, a gerbil dressed in putatively traditional Beduin Arab garb decides to leave his sandbox desert armed with firecrackers in order to commit terrorism…

"Local Forecast" [Flash file, 2001, 0:43 seconds]
To the tune of the Weather Channel Grove, the forecast informs of the weather of Afghanistan, which is partly cloudy with bombs on Friday, apocalyptic on Saturday and destroyed on Sunday. By Garry…

[Flash file, Razor_blade, 2001?,32 seconds] Something of a Star Wars parody where OBL attacks the prospective Jedi warrior and the viewer gets a chance for revenge.

[Flash file,, 1:00 minute] A game giving players 60 second to shoot as many targets as possible in a photo-collage landscape of the mountains of Afganistan. Players are ranked at the end.

Liberty [Flash File, ActForChange, 2001, 3:12 minutes] A call to protect civil liberties and the U.S. Constitution in the wake of September 11th by the advocacy organization, ActforChange.

"New Recruit" [Flash file, Chris Miller, 2001, 3:41 seconds]In this animation a menagerie of science fictions characters - including Lex Luther, Chita and Brainiac -- applaud Bin Laden for destroying the Tower of Justice and invite him to join the…

[Flash file, Michael Bregman, 2001, 2:44 minutes] An adaptation of the Cartoon Network program, but this time sending the small superheroes to fight OBL in Afghanistan. Notes that the violence is more than in most PPG episodes, but that this is a…

[Flash file, anonymous, 2001, 4 seconds+]
Viewers are asked to choose a method of attacking Osama Bin Laden from a "weapons selection panel," ranging from shaving to nuclear bomb. The consquences of each is depicted on a photograph of Bin Laden and…

"Bin Laden's Halloween" [Flash file, Entertainmail Net 2001, 6:33 seconds] In a twist of events President Bush decides to reconcile with Bin Laden and to invite him to the USA as a guest. Once here, Bin Laden is introduced to American traditions,…

[flash file, Gerbers*, 2001, 27 seconds] Animated game in which viewer-players choose tried and true cartoon techniques to finish off Iraq's president. Caution: declining to play opens several porn web-pages to viewer's screen.

[Flash File, FazyCruck, 2001, 54 seconds]
This flash file uses some of the most dramatic photos of the destruction of the World Trade Towers and its immediate aftermath, combined with deeply affecting music. This emotionally effective meditation of…
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