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Judy Lentz


Judy Lentz


I've been trying unsuccessfully to get a song to the families of that horrible day. This song was written and recorded by my dearest friend. He is not a professional but an extremely talented musician, he cannot read or write the notes to music, yet he creates these songs. This song is titled: "You Give Us Love"

On the CD cover it says: "This is a song for our own personal matter who they forget would be our shame.." This song, in it's own way, has a healing power. It helped me to say good-bye to my father, who I lost unexpectedly. The song makes no reference to the disaster, as he wanted it to have universal meaning, but he wanted it to pay tribute to the survivors of the lost loved ones.

Please do what you can to get this song out to whomever.

Thank you for your time
Judy Lentz

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