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Crescenzo Giacomo Notarile


Crescenzo Giacomo Notarile


I represent photographer, Crescenzo Giacomo Notarile and his photomural entitled "New York: Home of the Brave".

Crescenzo Giacomo Notarile is a professional fine art photographer and cinematographer who has been personally affected by the 9/11 tragedy. As an artist his only remedy for his pain was to express himself via his photography. Attached please find a bio, artist statement and digital image of NEW YORK: HOME OF THE BRAVE - (Adobe PDF files- avail free download at Additional images of Mr. Notarile are published in two books on the WTC. NEW YORK: HOME OF THE BRAVE debuted at the Los Angeles Photo Expo in January of this year through the esteemed Stephen Cohen Gallery. Several artist proofs were purchased at the event.
On the anniversary of 9/11, the photomural will be displayed at a Heroes Breakfast in conjunction with the American Red Cross, here in Los Angeles. A poster for the occasion will be available for purchase with the 100% of the profits being donated to the American Red Cross.

After much research, Mr. Notarile would like to donate the photomural to the Museum of the City of New York. It is our belief that NEW YORK: HOME OF THE BRAVE is an appropriate anthem and tributetothe hopefulness and faithof the American people. TheAmerican Flagsproudly paraded, and artfully captured in NEW YORK: HOME OF THE BRAVE makes a fitting anthem for the valor and heroism displayed by the citizensof the City of New York.

It is our greatest desire to have the photomural in a permanent, appropriate and befitting home, and we feel that the Museum of the City of New York is that home. NEW YORK: HOME OF THE BRAVE is a testament to our city and nation's strength, representing a timeless piece of history. The project depicts the spirit of optimism, strength, unity and most of all pride in the American spirit.

Mr. Notarile and I eagerly look forward to your response. Please feel free to contact me, currently I am in our Pasadena, California office and would be available to discuss this at your leisure.

Angela Krass

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