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Library of Congress Emails


Library of Congress Emails


A small collection of emails gathered by the Library of Congress as part of their "Witness and Response" exhibition in 2002.

Items in the Library of Congress Emails Collection

This email was sent to my "ex-boss" at Tinker AFB, OK and my mentor, Ms. Celeste Richardson. Celeste was at Keesler AFB, MS taking the Advanced Communications Officer Training School.
I was in OKC when the bombing occured in 1995. Needless to say,…

This is a description of my day at work and that afternoon.

This was sent to friends in Croatia the day after the World Trade Center event.

My best friend Kristin Rumberger and I spent a year in Australia from the summer of 1999 until the summer of 2000. After September 11th we received over a dozen emails from friends in Australia worried about our safety and the safety of our family…

After waking up to the NPR report of the first tower burning, I spent the morning in front of the TV, weeping with despair. Finally, I couldn't stomach anymore. I sought the comfort (as I usually do when I'm troubled) of my garden. Later, I sent the…

This is a series of emails responding to an email of mine that I sent to OK to tell the folks that I used to work with that I was o.k. Garry was at Ramstein AFB, Germany at the time.

I had been trying to contact Nancy on Monday, I think I had a premonition something was about to happen. As I normally e-mail her and not talk to her on the phone.
Nancy Priest is a very good friend of mine who lives in OK.

Marilyn Braxton is a good friend and is now retired from Tinker AFB, OK.
A lot of religious emails were sent 11 Sep and thereafter.

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