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Ed Baker


Ed Baker


This collection is an audio file of the messages I left on my home answering machine as the first plane hit the north tower and a later follow-up. Knowing that there would be lots of news out of New York that morning, I was trying to reach my wife to let her know I was OK.

The boat referenced in the first email is a water taxi I drive part-time on weekends from Jersey City to the World Financial Center marina called North Cove. Our boat now goes into Pier A at Battery Park. At the time of the message, my wife would have been unsure if I took the train or the boat into the city. That would have made a BIG difference that day. I took the train.

I hope the attached audio files give you a sense of the utter disbelief I felt as the events were unfolding well before any news crews were on the scene. I made the first call from my cell phone while walking down W. 3rd.

The first plane literally flew right over the tops of the buildings.

Ed Baker

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