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Michael Ragsdale Flyer Collection


Michael Ragsdale Flyer Collection


Michael Ragsdale – a video producer in New York City – collected posters, letters, cards, brochures, event programs, press releases, and announcements from the city’s streets nearly every day from September 11, 2001 until September 15, 2002. This collection represents nearly a thousand of these items. The scope of this collection is impressive in its size and diversity.

Items in the Michael Ragsdale Flyer Collection Collection

Never Again! Can We Trust The C.I.A. and F.B.I.?
Congressman Major Owens [collected 2001 11/13-12/3] Event Announcement

Department of Medicine's Emergency Command Center
Department of Medicine, Columbia University [collected 9/11/01] Location Announcement

Our Grief is not a Cry For War. [2 of 2]
NY Not In Our Name [collected 2001 10/2-10/10] Event Announcement [2 of 2]

Two Workshops on Catholic Social Teaching
The Education/Spirituality Committee of Blessed Sacrament Church [collected 2001 11/13-12/3] Event Announcement

Music for Relief Concert
LME Productions [collected 2001 9/16-9/21] Event Announcement

Vigil for Peace
The Community of Sant' Egidio [collected January 2002] Event Announcement

What will make us more secure?
Global Network Against Nuclear Power/Weapons in Space [collected 2001 10/10-10/21] Event Announcement

Letter to Clients from TIAA-CREF
TIAA-CREF [collected 2001 10/1-10/2] Letter

Candle Vigil for the Victims
Anonymous [collected 2001 9/16-9/21] Vigil Announcement

You Can Use The Word "Adulterer" Again!
Realize the Grip the Media Has On You Coalition [collected April/May 2002] Political Statement

Light A Candle
Anonymous [collected 2001 9/12-9/16] Vigil Announcement

Freedom and Fear are at War [collected 2001 9/16-9/21] Religious Post

List of Hospitals
Anonymous [collected 2001 9/12-9/16] Hospital Listing

Assistance for those Affected by the World Trade Center Disaster[Chinese]
American Red Cross [collected 2001 9/12-9/16] Disaster Assistance [Chinese]

No More Innocent Victims [1 of 3]
Global Exchange [collected 2001 9/12-9/16] Pamphlet [1 of 3]

Bringing together yout and student groups united against the war [8 of 8]
NYSPC [collected March 2002] Publication [8 of 8]

Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report In Exile
WBAI in Exile [collected 2001 9/21-9/29] Political Statement

Speech by Commander Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, President of the Republic of Cuba.  Havana, September 22
Permanent Mission of the Republic of Cuba to the United Nations [collected 2001 9/21-9/29] Press Release [2 of 5]

New Cash Assistance Program under the September 11th Fund
Workers' Assistance Bulletin, NYC Labor Council [collected 2001 12/4-12/17] Information

Helping Children After A Disaster
American Red Cross [collected 2001 9/16-9/21] Health Information

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