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Jamie Richard Wilson


Jamie Richard Wilson


I'm attaching the Flash animation I created on 9/11. At the time, I was full of different emotions and wanted to do something, anything to "do my part". I had spent 8 years in the Army Reserve ready to serve my country when needed, but when 9/11 took place I felt powerless. That's when I sat down and created this animation -- one voice in America -- and sent it out to all of my friends and encouraged them to pass it on. I put it up on my web site and it was the only thing available on that site during that time.

I hoped that perhaps I could somehow help stir up the pride and strength that has made this nation great. I really have no idea how many people I reached. I know that my web site received over 14,000 hits in September because of this (it being the only thing available on the site at the time), but I have no idea how far the animation went via email.

At any rate, here is the animation. I'll post my 9/11 story through the web site.

Jamie Richard Wilson

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