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children's art
This is a redesign of an orginal image that I posted on your site in 2001 (although the caption reads 2002 )- The orginal image file somehow got the extension x-png which is not a real extension - at first it was just item 1717.png - at any rate if…
November 24, 2012 I visited the 9/11 memorial. I felt this memorial calling me to come and see so when I got the chance to go to NYC last Thanksgiving I wanted to go to the memorial. It was 6:30 pm on 11/24 when I entered the grounds.I was amazed…
Dear Jim Did NIST completely avoid the WTC core?

Composer and singer/songwriter Deborah Thurlow is set to release her vocal debut single on June 25th. A departure from her previous releases of modern classical/jazz music, “Where…
Power of the city.
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