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Five siblings on family vacation days before 9-11 events, in front of the WTC towers on Liberty Island.
we shall never forget
A show of patriotism in the middle of destruction
Directions to the morgue
Ladder 3 on the evening of 9/11/2001. This rig is now in the 9/11 museum.
12 September morning view of tower rubble with firefighters in the foreground.
This is the view from my bedroom - at Gateway Plaza. I shot this series of images right after the first plane hit over the spam of about 15 min. I had to leave the camera in my apartment when i evacuated the building that morning.
9/11 Memorial

The iconic 110-story World Trade Center epitomized America's economic might. The attacks were also an assault on the whole world, even humanity itself; citizens from 90 countries died that day.
Firemen on 9/11
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