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Smithsonian National Museum of American History, Behring Center Smithsonian “September 11:
Bearing Witness to History”

     Story of September 11
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Contributed by: Aaron Cornhill
Contributor's location on 9/11: Scotland
Contributed on: 27 October 2004

How did you witness history on September 11th?

I went to new york on september the 10th with my family on a holiday from Scotland (where i live) i was only bout 15. We planned to go the twin towers on september the 11th later in the day. Then cors it happend. We went back to our hotel and watched everything happen.It was weird to think this was happening just a mile or so away.Now years on i keep thinking what if it happend hours later? If i was there could i have possibly saved someone who is now dead? Did someone die in my place that i never knew? Theres a part of me that was glad i wasn't in the towers that day.But theres a part of me that wishes i was. We went back to new york in october that year an actually saw the devistation. This is my story of what happend to me that day i have told people and tryed to explain my feelings but i dont think they understand they would of had to of been there.

What do you think should be remembered about September 11th?

The sacrifice the sevices men and women who staired into there own death that day and neva backed away.

Did you fly an American flag after the events of September 11th?

I am British but i think that day all the flags against terrorism merged into 1 great flag! United to take terrorism out!

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