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Original name: 9_11.jpg


9/11 was my response to the tragedy, like so many felt compelled to express themselves in reaction. Some people displayed flags, place memorial flowers, said prayers, but being an artist I created this collage. I started with real Afghanistan postage stamps for the "World Day of Tourism" (in french) and transformed them into the "World Day of Terrorism." "Postes Afghanes" became "Postes Taliban" featuring Usama bin Laden rather than a cultural monument of Afghanistan. Featured is a prominent map of the country that few of us knew existed and all came to know so extensively. Featured in the foreground is a scale model of the WTC that I bought after the event as if to preserve some memento or piece of the missing buildings. In front of the buildings it says "Warning" in English and Arabic. In the upper right corner, my American Flag, is taken from a garment made in the USA. So in the brief time it took me to try to hold on to the vanished WTC, the Afghan War that followed became instrinsically linked with it forever.

Date Entered: 2002-03-01


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