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After many months of critical thinking, sketching, and conceptualizing, I came up with this idea for the new World Trade Center. There are two sets of twins: the taller, perhaps 90 or 100 floors tall, along Church Street; the shorter, 60 or 70 floors, along Vesey Street to the north. The taller set serves as a gateway between east and west, a doorway for the rising and setting sun. The footprints of the original towers are preserved, encircled by reconstructions of the original psuedo-gothic arches of the exterior structure to a height of eight or nine floors, but with no glass or roof. One acre-large space will have a lake; the other, a plot of pure green grass. Both contain a viewing platform in the center. In addition to the preserved footprints, this proposal allows for almost three acres of open space, including a large plaza with the main memorial in the center. I'd like to see the Globe reinstalled in its damaged state. The proposal includes somewhere around 11 million square feet of commercial space; a museum (southeast corner of site); ample open space with a memorial and, hopefully, plenty of places for people to visit and to reflect in peace; and, because the site is so vital to New York, a good deal of retail space and a hotel are incorporated into the scheme--both appropriately shielded from the main plaza where serenity, reflection, and respect must be observed.

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