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The image I am submitting is a painting that I did after 911. The idea came to me in part from a photo I had seen on TV and in part from an idea my son gave me along with a plea to create something so we would never forget. The image of the statue of liberty is that of my own face crying and her crown is the original skyline of NY. She is embrace by the flag, and is meant to uplift the country and remind us that the flame of liberty was tested, still flickered but was not extinquished. I made a lithograph of this water color painting and sold hundreds of prints, sending over $4000 to the Ny widow and childrens fund for the NYPD through my home town of Stoughton, MA "United We Stand" fund. My Name is Elaine Felos Ostrander. I continue to get requests for this painting one year later and it was the gift of choice for hundreds of families this past Christmas.

Date Entered: 2002-09-11


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