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It was several months after 911 that I created this Digital Art Work called 9 Eleven "A Work Day Commute". My main motivation was that I wanted to contribute to the American Cause and How? Then I came across an exhibit up in New York at The Society of Illustrators called "The Prevailing of Human Spirit" It was a fund raiser for artist to submit work which can help raise money for the 911 cause. I thought I gotta participate in this exhibit. So I took the ideas that I came up with during many restless nights and focused on creating a work of art which captured the moments in time when I first heard the horrific news come over the radio of a plane that had just crashed into the World Trade Center as I commuted to work. And how the confusion and caos started swirming in my head as I listened further to the events unfolding on the radio station. There are four silhouetted planes that represent the 4 hijacked planes along with the image of the World Trade Center in my rear view mirror to represent a reflection of something in the past. And the American Flag as the air freshener hanging down from my mirror to show a symbol of American pride and hope for the future of America. As I reflect back I am amazed at how my day started out as an ordinary day where I would leave my house in Frederick, Maryland and drive to work in Herndon, Va. Before I left I remember watching a little tv news in the morning to see if anything new was happening and can recall how nothing interesting was taking place, Just another ordinary day. I can't believe in a matter of one hour and 15 minutes the length of my commute how my life would change forever. The worst part was not knowing how much more destruction lay ahead. Especially with the reports of the loss tracking of planes and that D.C. was now being targeted. I was nervous and anxcious to get to my destination and see for real on television what I had been hearing over the radio. Plus whether I might be in danger with planes flying over head in my direction. 9 Eleven "A Work Day Commute" has been exhibited at the following places "Prevailing Human Spirit Exhibition" at the Society of Illustrators Museum , New York, N.Y.. (Jan 9, - Feb 2, 2002 ) I received word the other day about how much the "Prevailing Human Spirit" exhibit made a difference in people's lives. A section of the letter read: "Four hundred and seven of you shared your visions which culminated into a show that was unprecedented in many regards. Foremost, it had deeply touched many visitors during its run at the Society of Illustrators in January. The fireman, the victims families and other rescue personnel, in addition to many others who viewed this exhibition, were touched and moved enough to write some of the most compelling statements ever written into our gallery guest books." " Together you raised in excess of $25,000 for three funds, The New York Times 9/11, The Robin Hood Relief and Windows of The World Relief. Your exhibition has been featured in the New York Times Grief page, Feb. 3, 02, The Hartford Currant, Feb. 28. The Journal News, March 1 and Parsons Perspectives, March 02. Various images and artifacts were selected for traveling exhibitions that include, The Wethersfield Historical Society in Conn., and The New York Historical Society here in New York. It inspired the students in upstate New York to have their own exhibition as well. It was recently acknowledged with the Dean Cornwell Award at The Societys Presidents dinner. Further, traveling aspects are planned for The Huntington House Museum in Conn. for seven weeks beginning in November through December. In a closing that is fitting and in the spirit of this exhibition, aspects of the show that have been selected by the United Nations will be shown there on the anniversary of the catastrophe, September 11, 02." I also have shown this artwork at the "The Frederick County Art Association Members' Show" Spring 2002 (May 4, - June 2, 2002 ) The Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center 40 South Carrol Street Frederick, MD 21701 "The Howard County Fair" which I won 2nd place and Best in Computer Generated award. Also the up and coming "Frederick County Fair" Sept 16 - 21st In closing, I hope that this piece can be an inspiration and encourage people in the future to always remember those that lost their lives and say prayers to the families that had lost loved ones. To remember the brave firemen and Policemen and citizens that lost their life in trying to save lives and to set an example of what a true American Hero is. God Bless The United States and to all my friends and neighbors. Anthony Allegro New Market, MD www.allegroartstudios.com

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